Understand And Reach Your DeFi Community.

Web3 Marketing Analytics and Campaigns for DeFi and DEX projects.

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DeFi projects have to spend too much time engineering analytics.

As a DeFi project, a Dune dashboard is great for giving your community a basic view into the treasury, but it's not sufficient for managing your operations behind the scenes

It's expensive to get the data you need

Engineering has to get involved to deliver basic analytics, let alone detailed on-chain and off-chain user behavior data.

You can't measure web3 results

Google Analytics is great, but it's not privacy friendly and doesn't let you understand what marketing activity drives
on-chain results.

There's a lack of web3 growth tools

Treating every potential user the same leads to poor acquisition. It's hard to embrace new, web3 ways of engagement.

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Know how your users behave across all types of DeFi.

Our platform understands what's happening on-chain whether that's DEX's, staking, airdrops, rewards, bridges, lending, and even CeFi.


Grow and engage your DeFi community.

Improve user conversions and retention with campaigns embedded within your dApp that are personalized for every user.

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Privacy friendly analytics

You won't be needing any cookie consent to run Raleon. We're not tracking IP, location, or other factors that might worry your community.


Bring your web2 and web3 DeFi data TOGETHER.

Make better growth decisions and improve the quality of your marketing with hyper-specific DeFi dashboards based on actual user behavior.

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Trusted By Leaders

"With Raleon, we were able to dig into Clipper DEX user data and perform surgical interventions that had an outsized effect."

Mark Lurie, CEO Shipyard Software

Web3 Marketing Analytics & Engagement Tools for DeFi

We've worked closely with DeFi projects to put together the best no-code tooling. Ready to give it a try?