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Embedded Quests are the fastest way to increase user retention and grow your community for your

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See the Quest in action

Use Quest Script to go even deeper and create truly unique experiences for your community.

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How Embedded Quests Help

📖 Enjoyable onboarding and education

Enhance onboarding and user education with immersive and rewarding experiences that build trust.

🤯 Convert visitors into active users

Getting a user to connect their wallet and take action is critical. Raleon lets you incentivize and guide users to the clear actions you want them to perform.

🤩 Reward user loyalty

Treat your community like humans. Create fun, engaging reasons for them to stick around. Incentivize engagement and loyalty by rewarding users' efforts with NFTs, tokens, or points.

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The Power of Quests - Anywhere.

Put your Quests where your users are

Stop making your community jump through hoops. Integrate Embedded Quests into your own dapp, app, or game.


Get Started Easily

Getting started with Embedded Quests is fast and easy. Install a snippet and then unleash your creativity with our customizable features. No code required.

Developer Friendly

Want Quests to be even more bespoke and tailored? Use our API to make it fully your own while letting marketing use the no-code tools.

Unique stories

Make it your own

Use the Quest Editor to go even deeper and create truly unique, branded experiences for your community.

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Quests Your Community Will Love

Create Engaging Stories and Adventures

Move on from boring, transactional quests - create engaging stories and thrilling adventures that captivate your users.

Targeted Experiences

Deliver personalized quests. Not everyone gets the same quest, making each experience feel exclusive and tailored.

Go beyond Twitter followers

Quests can use any action, whether it's doing something in your dapp, on-chain, or even the social follow.

Bring Users Back

Improve retention by giving your users a reason to come back with amazing experiences and rewards. Don't let them stop after the first trade or purchase.

Adaptive experiences

Make it fun and engaging.

Use the chat-like engagement to tell your story, or keep it simple and to the point.

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Rewards and Analytics

Real-time Rewards Engine

Thank your users for their engagement. Reward their actions and efforts with NFTs, tokens, status, or leaderboard points.

Quest Analytics

Know which Quests people are starting, getting stuck, and completing to drive better conversions and retention.

configurable tasks

Quests for any action

Combine the ability to track both on-chain actions and in-app actions to drive user actions where they're most valuable.


Experience Embedded Quests Now

Getting started is fast and free. Try it out with your dApp or community and see the results for yourself.