Get more data to understand your web3 players.

Web3 game analytics and engagement tools for game studios in web3.

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Web3 game studios are in the dark.

It's difficult to make a game fun and grow it well when you have to build all the tools to do that yourself. That takes precious time away from what's most important to you - making an amazing game.

You don't know what's going on with your NFTs or Tokens

It's difficult to understand how long your players hold your NFT, who is dumping, floor prices, and what wallets correspond to players in-game without getting engineering involved.

You can't measure web3 results

Google Analytics is great, but it doesn't let you connect the dots between your marketing activity and what happens in-game or on-chain.

Player data doesn't include web2 & web3

Engineering has to get involved to determine what your players' in-game behaviors are, and what that means for their on-chain activity.


Instant analytics on the NFTs, Tokens, and players for your game

Easily track important details about your game's NFTs like average hold times. Connect your games items to players so you know who are dumpers, bots, or super players.

Connect your players on-chain activity to their in-game activity.

We bring web2 and web3 data together so you can understand how active your best players are on-chain, what their combined LTV is, and even what other web3 games they play.


Grow, engage, and retain your player community.

Trigger personalized in-game campaigns based on web3 and in-game behavior to improve new user conversion rates and retention.

Ready To Grow Your Game, Pre or Post-Launch?

See how Raleon can help you get an understanding of players, reach them, and keep them engaged.