Web3 Marketing Automation

Engage your users when they're most likely to take action with automated, personalized in-app messages powered by on-chain & off-chain data.

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Data Is Great... But It's Time To Take Action With It

Increase your new user conversions and user retention with hyper-specific campaigns when your customers are most likely to take action.

It's time to embrace the power of web3 to move beyond generic experiences.



Treat your users like you know them

Audience Builder lets you easily create segments of users based on criteria like last visit to your dApp, what NFTs they hold, which of your competitors they use, and who they last traded with.


Send in-app messages, no code required

Improve retention by re-engaging at risk users, send a message to only BAYC holders, or let your community know about a new feature. Action Prompts work as any kind of message.

Message Example


Understand the IMPACT of your messages

Raleon Campaigns automatically track metrics related to your messages, so you know which ones are working and which ones get ignored.

Ready To Drive More Conversions & Retention?

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