Gain Web3 Insights. Take Action.

Stop running your project in the dark. Gain insights into your user’s behavior, on or off-chain. Once you know the right users to target, take action. Whether it’s providing reputation-based airdrops, or giving a personalized experience to your whales – it’s time to create amazing web3 experiences that drive results.


Transactions processed by our AI to bring richer insights.


dApps we have specialized meta-data on, so you know what's happening on-chain.


Off-Chain actions tracked and integrated with web3 wallet data.

How Raleon Powers Growth for Web3 Teams

No Code Tools to Understand
Your Project & Users 🌐

  • Determine how marketing activities and channels impact growth
  • Self-service insights about user behavior, project growth and competitors
  • Privacy friendly analytics, know your users while keeping them private
Use no-code magic to create your own dashboards, customize wallet lists, and easily get the insights you want.

Target. Take Action. Get More Users. 💪

  • Target users based on their on-chain and off-chain activity
  • Get more users with innovative, web3 native campaigns like reputation airdrops, personalized Action Prompts, and more
  • Understand which campaigns are working, and which ones need adjustments

Take action on the right audiences to improve your efficiency and grow your project.


Start Web3 Campaigns


Keep Your Best Users Engaged 🏅

  • Dynamic audiences allow you to automatically take action on the users you want to keep
  • Win-back your users that are at risk or dormant with specialized, targeted campaigns
  • User Journey uses web2 and web3 data to let you see where breakdowns are happening in your app so you can improve conversions
It takes a lot to build the right community. Make sure you can keep the community right.

Bring Web2 Data And Web3 Data Together 🤝

  • Get the complete picture of metrics like customer lifetime value by mixing off-chain data with on-chain data
  • Connect activity in your app to the wallet performing it
  • Improve your audience targeting by using web3 and web2 data
It’s time to have a single source of truth about your user, one that connects the web2 world to the web3 world.

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